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“It is clever to utilize natural products which have potential health benefits for customized applications. I am pleased to see that this property of rutaecarpine is applied as a means to help caffeine drinkers to fall asleep at night.”

- William K. Chan, Pharm.D., PhD.

Welcome to RUTA, the best supplements for those consuming caffeine during the day and wanting to relax and sleep at night. Did you know that one-cup of coffee can stay in your system for over 10 hours? Our patent pending formulas in RutaSleep & RutaCleanse contain a unique main ingredient, rutaecarpine, that works with your body to remove caffeine naturally. All RUTA products are developed by Pharmacists and are manufactured in FDA monitored facilities under strict cGMP regulations in the USA.

How does RUTA work?



How is RUTA different from other Natural Supplements?

Reduces caffeine levels in your body
100mg of unique ingredient, Rutaecarpine, found in the Evodia Fruit
Manufactured in FDA monitored facilities in the United States that are cGMP certified
Created by Pharmacists
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